Why Get Involved

Why Get Involved

SciFest: Inspiring and Promoting Excellence
in STEM in Second-level Schools

How SciFest Benefits Students


  • is open to all second-level students; it is locally based and there is no entry fee, making it highly accessible and inclusive

  • encourages students to develop an interest in science through an inquiry-based approach and hands-on activities

  • helps students to grow in confidence and develop their communication skills by exhibiting their work in a small, local, student-friendly environment

  • encourages students of all abilities and backgrounds to participate, lowering barriers and bringing the talents of diverse populations into the innovation pipeline

  • encourages and supports the greater participation of girls in STEM education

  • provides students with an opportunity to engage in activities that link science, maths, engineering and technology to their everyday lives and to society

  • provides students with an opportunity to visit their local third-level college, view the facilities and learn about the courses available, encouraging them to continue their STEM education into third-level

  • supports the inquiry-based, problem-solving approach promoted by the science and maths curriculum in second-level schools, thus improving students’ opportunities to achieve academic success

How SciFest Benefits Teachers


  • facilitates a community of educators with similar goals and ideals

  • provides online support for teachers at scifest.ie

  • supports the teaching of the STEM subjects in the second-level curriculum

  • provides opportunities for professional development for teachers

SciFest@School Evaluation 2017_18

Teachers who registered for SciFest@School were asked to complete an online evaluation questionnaire.

Comments included:

  • Focuses students on collaborative, team-based projects. They practice communicating with external judges

  • Raises the profile of the school. Enhances self confidence. Raises the awareness of science subjects

  • Great for developing a wide range of skills in one project such as scientific literacy, numeracy, ICT, communication

  • Very positive. A perfect module for TY

  • It was a great opportunity for our students who have special ed needs to take part in such an event and rise to the occasion

  • It's inclusive so everyone regardless of level gets to participate. Other Science events can be quite elitist

  • It was excellent way of allowing students to really put the nature of science into practice

  • Already have first years planning their SciFest projects for next year

  • It was good for the pupils to see each other’s work and to see the standard that can be reached

  • It is a great showcase for the school as we had a lot of people come in to judge the projects

  • SciFest feedback can bring shortfalls in their scientific method to the attention of students. Very useful ahead of CBAs

  • Nice event for getting the science department working together

  • Involving entire school community!

  • Prepares students for new CBAs in junior cycle. Gives all students the opportunity to compete in a science competition

  • Teaches students to work under pressure


The documents below give a flavour of the views of teachers on the value of SciFest and project work to the development of students' learning and skills.

To access a particular document please click on either the document title or its icon.

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Comments from Teachers, Students and Judges

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SciFest@School in Santa Sabina, Dominican College, Dublin 13

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SciFest@School in Fingal Community College, Swords, Co. Dublin

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