Timothy McGrath's SciFest Story

Timothy McGrath's SciFest Story

My SciFest Story

My name is Timothy McGrath and I am a 6th year student in Killorglin Community College, County Kerry. Over the past 6 years of my education SciFest has played a crucial role in encouraging me to pursue STEM subjects and influencing my future career. It all started in my first year in secondary school.

A friend and I had an increasing interest in technology and saw SciFest as an opportunity to put this interest into practice by solving real life problems. We entered a project into IT Tralee SciFest which was based on technology to help guide visually impaired / blind people around buildings. We were thrilled to win the Boston Scientific Medical devices Award at our regional SciFest and then be chosen to progress to the SciFest National Final. This journey allowed me to meet likeminded people and form new friendships as well as giving me a love for solving problems. I had caught the ‘bug’ and was already planning on a project for the coming year.

In 2nd year I continued to work on helping blind people and developed an obstacle avoidance system. I was pleased to win the Intel award at IT Tralee SciFest that year for my work. In 3rd year I continued to progress work on my obstacle avoidance system so I could enter it as a fully finished system. As a result of my progress I won the Boston Scientific Medical devices Award and was chosen to progress to the SciFest National Final. In my Transition Year I developed a project on Genetic Engineering a microorganism to feed on Cholera bacteria to provide clean drinking water in 3rd world countries. I was delighted to win the Abbott Runner-up Award at my local SciFest and progress to the 2018 SciFest National Final. Just last year in 5th year I entered a project based on combatting Oceanic and Freshwater Deadzones using halophyte species. I was honoured to win the overall SFI Best Project Award at IT Tralee SciFest and get the chance to present my project at this year’s SciFest National Final.

Overall my SciFest journey has been a once in a life time opportunity. So many doors have opened because of my participation in SciFest and I wouldn’t be where I am today only for that. It has transformed my confidence, allowed me to develop new skills and brought out my passion for STEM. I would recommend every student in the country to enter a project into SciFest as you will gain so much from the experience, which you would otherwise not have received from the classroom.

October 2019

Timothy McGrath, 6th Year, Killorglin Community College, County Kerry

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