SciFest@School Loreto College

SciFest@School Loreto College

SciFest@School 2018, Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green

By Brigid Etchingham, 5th Year, Loreto College, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

This year’s SciFest@School was as exciting and bustling as always. The projects from our fourth years lined the assembly hall in the categories of physical and chemical, biological along with behavioural and social sciences, with eye catching displays as the girls were given the fantastic opportunity to research and discover more about a topic they were interested in. The projects varied from game theory to how does light colour affect plant growth, giving a wide range of topics and results to explore in the hall.

We were fortunate enough to have twelve great external judges to judge the projects. Once the time came for the winners to be announced everyone was eager to hear the decision. The individual category runners up and winners were announced. The Overall Winner was Eva Hayes Whelan and Caoimhe O’Reilly with their project ‘Can Our Footsteps Charge Electronic Devices?’. They explained how they designed a tile to convert our potential energy from our weight into electrical energy. Their idea was that it could be implemented into schools as charging stations for devices such as iPads when they are on low power.

SciFest is such an empowering process that allows a student complete free reign to research anything they want and gain essential skills in observation and problem solving, while also fostering an inquisitive way of thinking. It's a great opportunity for students to explore and experience STEM and encourage them towards it. As said by overall winners it was a long and at times frustrating process but definitely an incredibly rewarding one as well and a fantastic experience overall.

All the girls would like to thank the science teachers for all their help throughout the process, Ms Campbell, Ms Kerr, Ms Prendergast, Ms Kinkaid and Mr Bain.


Loreto College, St Stephen's Green celebrated their fifth SciFest@School during Science week 2018 which qualified them for the SciFest STEM School Award. The award certificate and digital badge were presented to science teacher and SciFest@School coordinator, Ms Jennifer Campbell by the founder and CEO of the SciFest programme, Sheila Porter. Many congratulations to all involved, particularly to Ms Campbell who is a former pupil of Sheila Porter.

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SciFest@School in Loreto College, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2
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