NatPro Sponsors SciFest

NatPro Sponsors SciFest

NatPro Become Bronze Sponsors of SciFest

September 2021

SciFest is delighted to welcome NatPro as a Bronze Sponsor of the SciFest Programme. NatPro, the Trinity Centre for Natural Products Research, is based at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Trinity College Dublin. It focuses on the discovery and sustainable development of Natural Products at the intersection of disciplines with applications in the areas of pharmaceuticals, functional food and cosmetics with the aim of inspiring people to make transformative changes to lead healthier lives.

‘At NatPro we work towards unlocking the power of natural products by applying a multi-disciplinary science-led lens to create innovative life science solutions. This partnership with SciFest is an exciting opportunity to support the creativity and talent of young generations.’, said Gaia Scalabrino, Executive Director at NatPro. ‘Through our Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy Project, we hope that students will bring together Irish traditions, scientific curiosity and investigation and innovative STEM solutions towards the creation of a positive, sustainable and healthier future.’, added Prof. Helen Sheridan, Founder and Director of NatPro.

SciFest’s Founder and CEO, Sheila Porter said: ‘We are very excited that NatPro have agreed to become a Bronze Sponsor of the SciFest programme. NatPro are an incredibly innovative organisation that is based in Ireland and is looking at Irish-driven solutions to big problems by developing sustainable products from nature. We hope that students will be inspired and also look to nature to solve problems.’

For further information please visit NatPro’s website, or view the NatPro Award Project ideas resource here.

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