A Celebration of SciFest@TCPID

A Celebration of SciFest@TCPID
A Celebration of Three Years of SciFest@TCPID

SciFest@TCPID (Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities) is traditionally the last SciFest STEM fair of the academic year and a true celebration of the very nature of SciFest: open-to-all, fun, inclusive and embracing diversity. The students who participate are amazing, and it would be difficult not to be inspired by their enthusiasm. As well as developing their STEM-related skills, participation in SciFest
helps them to grow in confidence and to develop their communication and presentation skills. SciFest@TCPID also provides an opportunity for the students to celebrate their achievements with their parents, grandparents, family and friends.

We are deeply disappointed for the students that this year’s SciFest@TCPID which was due to take place today, Thursday, 28 May in the Science Gallery had to be cancelled due to COVID-19. We wish
the students well for the future and very much look forward to healthier and happier times and to SciFest@TCPID 2021.

To celebrate three years of SciFest@TCPID Marie Devitt, Pathways Coordinator, TCPID has put together a news item in place of the actual exhibition to mark the date. See the link to the article below.

01 2020
Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl 2020, Hong Kong
20 2020
SciFest National Final
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