50 Great Project Ideas!

50 Great Project Ideas!

50 Great Project Ideas to Get You started!

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The most difficult part of doing a STEM fair project is actually coming up with a workable idea. Don’t worry; the majority of students have exactly the same problem. What you must avoid doing is getting bogged down by the lists and lists of STEM fair project ideas that are available on the Internet. Remember you will be more passionate about, and interested in, something you have selected yourself.

We have put together a number of project ideas which we hope will inspire you and get you started. There is no set formula for choosing the perfect project. It can be in any area of science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM).

Teachers should encourage their students to work collaboratively and come up with their own idea for a project. By doing this students learn how to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning, work in teams, become more confident and manage themselves more effectively.

For advice on how to impress the judges, design a poster, compile a project report book and lots more visit the RESOURCES section of the website.

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