10 Steps to a SciFest@School

10 Steps to a SciFest@School

10 STEPS to Organising a SciFest@School STEM Fair

Start by registering your event online with SciFest. To access the registration form please click here. SciFest can provide support for a SciFest@School STEM fair in the form of prizes, certificates for participating students, ‘freebies’ to hand out on the day and a SciFest@School support pack. A member of the SciFest team, if available, will also visit the school on the day to help with the organisation and the judging if required.

Note. SciFest@School STEM fairs can be held at any time during the school year.

The ten steps below are designed to guide you through the process of running a successful STEM fair in your school. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the organisation of a STEM fair, please contact SciFest by clicking on this link .

  1. Start small. It's often better to start with a smaller group in the first year and build on the experience.
  2. Get help. Don’t do it all by yourself. Approach another science teacher for help. Better still involve the whole science department.
  3. Let others know. Inform your principal and your colleagues.
  4. Decide on a date. Remember to check if the date is free on the school calendar. Book the date in the school calendar.
  5. Book the hall/room. Check that the hall/room is free on your chosen date. Calculate the number of projects and decide on the most suitable venue. Somewhere you can leave up the projects for a couple of days is ideal.
  6. Book the date with SciFest. Visit the SciFest website and download a registration form. Fill out the registration form and return it by email to info@scifest.ie.
  7. Start projects. Introduce the idea to students and get them started on their investigations.
  8. Design a programme. Compile a programme and a list of projects.
  9. Invite guest judges, e.g. retired teachers, parents, past pupils and people from local industry. Put together a judging schedule.
  10. Confirm judges. Download judges' guidelines and send to judges along with a programme.

A SciFest@School fair can be held at any time throughout the school year, e.g.

  • Transition Year night
  • During the mock exams – a lab might be free
  • Open-day
  • Science week
  • Just before parent teacher meeting – leave the projects on show

For more information please visit the following link.

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