Entry to SciFest@College 2017


Entry to SciFest@College 2017 opened in January 2017. The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday 10 March 2017 except in the case of SciFest@NorthWest in St Mary's College, Derry where the entry date is Friday 12 May 2017.

The preferred method of entry to all 16 SciFest@College venues is online as it ensures that all details, and especially contact details, are entered accurately. However, for those who are unable to use the online facility entries may be submitted in hard copy by post to the chosen venue.


For Information for Teachers please click here.

For Information for Students and to Access the Online Entry Form please click here.


Awards available at each SciFest@College 2017 science fair

There will be eleven major student awards available at each SciFest@College 2017 science fair. For details of these awards please follow this link.

Special prizes, category prizes, and/or highly commended prizes are also available at most venues and some also present trophies sponsored by the relevant college or local organisations.