The resources in the SciFest STEM fairs toolkit are organised into three sections.

1.     Resources designed specifically to support participation in SciFest science fairs:

General Resources, SciFest@School and SciFest@College

2.     Transition Year resources:

Science by Inquiry is a complete module for Transition Year.

Design and Discovery is also a complete Transition year module intended as an introduction to engineering. It was produced by Intel Ireland and is also available on the website along with additional support materials.

3.     Activities for Students:

Activities for Students is a collection of crosswords and puzzles which, it is suggested, might be given to participants during a SciFest@School event. Again, these could be found useful in any class context.

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General Resources

Engineering and Design Projects   New

A Beginner's Guide to doing a science project  Updated

Choosing an idea for a project and getting started

Choosing an idea for a project and getting started - student worksheet

Project ideas    

Impressing the judges

Tips for exhibiting at SciFest

The scientific method - student presentation

Useful websites  Updated Feb 2018

List of STEM roadshows  Updated Mar 2018

Let's investigate - student presentation

Boston Scientific Medical Devices Award - Ideas for Projects  Updated 03/18

Summary Flyer June 2017  New

Better Statistics by Andrew Lloyd, IT Carlow



SciFest@School     (Back to top)

Teacher and Student Guidelines

Start Small - 10 steps to a successful SciFest@School Updated Oct 17

Science project rubric

Technology project rubric

Social and Behavioural project rubric

SciFest@School registration form

SciFest@School certificate

Guidelines for Judging at SciFest@School

Comments from SciFest@School judges



SciFest@College   (Back to top)

Teacher guidelines - online entries 2018 (Provisional)

Teacher presentation

Student guidelines - online entries 2018 (Provisional)

Student presentation

Report book and presentation



Transition Year     (Back to top)

Science by Inquiry Transition Year Module  Updated

Design and Discovery - Teacher Guide

Design and Discovery - Student Booklet


Activities for Students     (Back to top)

SciFest Science Word Search 1  New

SciFest Science Word Search 1 (Answers)  New

Junior Cert - Laboratory Safety Signs

Name the element

Second Year - What Am I?

SciFest Crossword 1 (Blank)  New

SciFest Crossword 1 (Answers)  New

SciFest Crossword 2 (Easy) (Blank)  New

SciFest Crossword 2 (Easy) (Answers)  New

SciFest Crossword 3 (Blank)  New

SciFest Crossword 3 (Answers)  New

SciFest Crossword 4 (Blank)  New

SciFest Crossword 4 (Answers)  New

SciFest Space Adventure Puzzle (Blank)  New

SciFest Space Adventure Puzzle (Answers)  New


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