Entry to SciFest@College 2017



Information for Students

Online Entry Forms

Before you start to complete the entry form please make sure to read the Guidelines for Online Entrants - Students.

When you are ready to enter your project click here to open the entry form. You do not have to complete the form in one go; you can save it and return to it later. (When you click on the Save for Later button you will be given a link to your form. You must save this link so that you can re-open your form when you're ready to complete it.)

Please Note

Once you click the Submit Entry button on the form, you cannot get the form back, so it's probably a good idea to have it checked by an adult before you submit it.

After you submit your form your teacher has to log on and confirm your entry, otherwise it will not be sent to the Institute of Technology/Venue. Therefore, you must be certain to tell your teacher that you have submitted your entry form.



Paper Entries

If, for some reason, you cannot use the online entry system you can submit a hard copy entry by post. However, you are encouraged to use the online system as it ensures that all the details are entered accurately.

Paper entry forms for SciFest@College 2017 may be downloaded here.



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