SciFest is now an Official Gaisce Challenge Partner. We are honoured to have President Michael D Higgins as Sole Patron of SciFest for a number of years. We are now delighted to announce that SciFest has joined Gaisce - The President's Award as a Challenge Partner.

The SciFest programme consists of four distinct strands – local, regional, national and international. For details of the SciFest programme and how to get involved please follow this link or contact us.

Students participating in any of the four strands of the SciFest programme can now use their participation to count towards Gaisce - The President's Award at any level – Bronze, Silver or Gold – provided it meets the relevant time requirements and an appropriate record sheet is maintained and signed off on. For details of how to join the Gaisce programme please visit the Gaisce website.

Second level students preparing and presenting a project at a SciFest science fair can use their participation as the ‘Personal Skill’ element of their Gaisce Award.

Second and third level students involved in organising SciFest events can use their activities to meet the ‘Community Involvement’ element of their Gaisce Award. In order to meet the criteria, participants may need to increase the number of weeks they are involved in organising and promoting the event. This may be particularly appealing to college students involved in supporting a regional coordinator of a SciFest@College science fair.

Note that, regardless of the number of hours a person is involved in SciFest, a maximum of one hour per week will contribute towards their Gaisce Award.

‘We are delighted to welcome SciFest as a Gaisce Challenge Partner. The Gaisce vision for Ireland is to have a country where young people can dream big and fulfill their potential, something SciFest plays a key role in through their encouragement of Irish students to develop an interest in STEM.’  Yvonne McKenna, CEO Gaisce





The Growth of SciFest 2008 – 2016








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