Entry date extended. As most schools were forced to close for several days due to the severe weather the latest date for receipt of entries to SciFest@College as been changed to Friday 16 March.

Note change of date for SciFest@College in LIT Thurles Campus to Thursday 3 May.

The closing date for entries to SciFest@College 2018 is now Friday 16 March 2018 except in the case of SciFest@NorthWest in St Mary's College, Derry, where the entry date is Friday 11 May 2018. Entry to SciFest@College 2018 is now open.

Entry guidelines for teachers and students are available at the links below.

Details of the dates and contacts for the 2018 SciFest@College STEM fairs are posted here.


It is expected that all entries to SciFest@College 2018 will be submitted online. In the event that this presents a particular difficulty teachers are asked to contact their local SciFest@College venue for advice.