Project Title


Intel Best Project Award

Lorna Mooney
Julie O'Connor
Shannon Scott

Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan,

Co. Dublin

Is there a genetic supertaster component controlling the Irish choice of tea?

Niamh McNally

Abbott Runner-Up Award

Emma Freaney
Julie O'Brien
Ruth Allen

Loreto College, 53 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

The effects of sleep on cognitive performances

Jamie Bain

BT Best Communicator Award

Cillian Bissett

St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rush, Co. Dublin

An investigation into the ages of trees in Rush, Co Dublin

Helen Teehan

Discover Sensors Award

Teacher Award

Hannah O'Donaghue
Elizabeth Mclnerney
Sally Hanrahan

Holy Child School, Military Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin

Examining the efficiency of a variety of light bulbs

Regina Greehy

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Energy Award

Kristin Mc Kenna
Chiara Coleman
Sophie Lynch

The Teresian School, Stillorgan Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

To Build a water powered generator

Terry Glass

PharmaChemical Ireland

Chemistry Award

Christine Masudi

St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rush, Co. Dublin

Potato Plastic

Helen Teehan

NCE-NSTL Maths in Science Award

Alice O'Neill
Megan Freeman
Victoria Fitzsimons

Loreto Secondary Schoo, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

Fish oils versus cooked fish - which benefits more?

Niamh McNally

DIT Commendation Prize

Dammy Olaniyi
Pelumi Daramola
Paulina Sobierjaska

Balbriggan Community College, Balbriggan, Co Dublin

How a Grip on a Pen Dictates Your Grip on Life

Kevin Curran

DIT Commendation Prize

Caoimhe O’Reilly
Sarah Donnelly

The Teresian School, Stillorgan Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Energy from food; too much or too little?

Terry Glass

DIT Commendation Prize

Tom McDonald

Skerries Community College, Skerries, Co Dublin

Predicting changing sands on Skerries south Beach

Dr Katie Corbett