SciFest@School Information for Teachers

SciFest@School Information for Teachers

Information on this page relates to SciFest@School STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fairs only, that is, in-house STEM fairs hosted by the schools themselves. For information on SciFest@College fairs, which are regional fairs for second-level students hosted by third level colleges, please follow this link.


The SciFest@School level of the SciFest programme had over 70 schools participating in 2017/2018. SciFest@School is where a second-level school hosts their own in-house SciFest STEM fair. Resource materials to support the organisation of a SciFest@School fair are available in the resources section of this website. In addition to the resource materials support from SciFest is also available in the form of advice on the organisation of a SciFest@School STEM fair, certificates for participating students, a number of prizes for winning projects, 'freebies' and support on the day of the event - contact us for details.

. SciFest@School STEM fairs can be held at any time during the school year. However, you should hold your fair before 8 March if you wish to use your SciFest@School fair to select projects to go forward to SciFest@College 2019. While participating in a SciFest@School fair is good preparation for participating in a SciFest@College it is not a requirement; students may enter a SciFest@College directly without having participated in a SciFest@School fair.

SciFest@School Registration Form

Please click here to download a copy of the SciFest@School registration form.

SciFest@School Guidelines

Please click here to download a copy of the SciFest@School Guidelines. It is important that teachers familiarise themselves with the guidelines when organising a SciFest@School event.

Schools hosting SciFest@School in 2018/2019 are listed here as dates become available.

Roscommon CBS_01.jpg

Schools that hosted SciFest@School in 2017/2018 are listed here.

Schools that hosted SciFest@School in 2016/2017 are listed here.

Click on the photo for a short video of a SciFest@School in CBS, Roscommon.

The experience of organ
ising a SciFest@School event is reported on by two teachers here:

SciFest@School in Santa Sabina, Dominican College, Dublin 13

SciFest@School in Fingal Community College, Swords, Co. Dublin

Examples of past SciFest@School programmes can be accessed here:

SciFest@School in Skerries Community College, Co. Dublin

SciFest@School in Pobalscoil na Tríonóide, Youghal, Co. Cork

SciFest@School in Sutton Park School, Sutton, Dublin 13

For further information on SciFest@School please contact us. Alternatively, you may wish to contact one of the SciFest Schools Liaison Officers.

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08 2018
SciFest@School in St Andrew's College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
09 2018
SciFest National Final in Marino Conference Centre, Dublin
13 2018
SciFest@School in New Court School, Bray, Co. Wicklow
14 2018
SciFest@School in Mount Anville Secondary School, Dublin 14
The Broadcom MASTERS International Award for STEM Fair Junior Participants
‘Receiving the Boston Scientific Medical Devices Award in the regional finals in Sligo IT, gave me a surge of newfound enthusiasm and drive to push my app to reach its full potential. Since May, I am delighted to say, Lifeline has
The most difficult part of doing a science fair project is actually coming up with a workable idea. Don’t worry; the majority of students have exactly the same problem. Watch the video to help you come up with that perfect idea!
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