SciFest@College Information for Teachers

As a teacher entering students for SciFest@College online there are three steps you need to complete.

1. Teacher Registration

Before your students can enter their projects in a SciFest@College science fair you must have registered your contact details on the online entry system. Your data will be used only in the organisation and administration of the SciFest@College programme - please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Once registered on the online entry system you will have access to your SciFest Teacher Portal. The SciFest Teacher Portal is a secure area where teachers participating in SciFest@College can:

  • Review their students' entries
  • Withdraw an entry submitted in error
  • Change the college/venue to which an entry is to be submitted
  • Edit the student name(s) on an entry
  • Download a list of projects submitted from their school
  • Sign off on their students’ entries by ticking the two check boxes
  • Update their contact details

To register your contact details, or to access your teacher portal if already registered, please follow this link: SciFest Teacher Portal. Click on the appropriate box to sign in to your teacher portal or to register if you have not already done so.

If you experience any difficulties accessing the registration form or your teacher portal please contact us or email the details to

2. Media Release Forms

A photographer will be employed at each SciFest@College fair. SciFest reserves the right to use any photographs/videos taken as described in the Guidelines for Entrants - Teachers. By registering your contact details on the online entry system you agree to the use of such photographs/videos as described in the Guidelines. For further details please see our Privacy Policy.

Parents/guardians must sign a media release form before entries can be accepted; these forms are separate from the entry forms and may be downloaded here.

You should obtain a signed media release form for each student entering a project. Completed forms are retained in the school. Note that some schools may already have appropriate signed forms on file. Please see the Guidelines for further details.

3. Project Sign-off

When your students have submitted their projects you must log on to your teacher portal and sign off on your students' entries by ticking two boxes for each entry. One tick confirms that you/the school have a signed media release form for the student(s)concerned. The second tick confirms that you will notify your Principal that the student(s) has(have) entered SciFest@College. Please note: an entry will not be exhibited at a SciFest@College fair if it has not been signed off on by the teacher.

4. Entry Date

Entries for SciFest@College 2019 will open in January. Provisional Guidelines for submitting entries online are available at this link. Note that the entry date for SciFest@College 2019 is Friday 8 March2019 except in the case of St Mary's College, Derry where the entry date is Friday 24 May.

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08 2018
SciFest@School in St Andrew's College, Blackrock, Co. Dublin
09 2018
SciFest National Final in Marino Conference Centre, Dublin
13 2018
SciFest@School in New Court School, Bray, Co. Wicklow
14 2018
SciFest@School in Mount Anville Secondary School, Dublin 14
The Broadcom MASTERS International Award for STEM Fair Junior Participants
‘Receiving the Boston Scientific Medical Devices Award in the regional finals in Sligo IT, gave me a surge of newfound enthusiasm and drive to push my app to reach its full potential. Since May, I am delighted to say, Lifeline has
The most difficult part of doing a science fair project is actually coming up with a workable idea. Don’t worry; the majority of students have exactly the same problem. Watch the video to help you come up with that perfect idea!
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